Frequently questions (FAQ)

What makes Maximum1X2?

Maximum1X2 is a software with the mission to help you in the selection of your 1X2 sports combinations. Successfully manage millions of probabilities and efficiently process your desires. That is why it assures you success in your predictions whenever the forecast and the conditions that you indicate to our application are fulfilled.

Which operating systems work with Maximum1X2?

Maximum1X2 is created exclusively for a Mac computer. It can be used with any operating system from Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion).

Are the updates free?

Maximum1X2 updates are free throughout all versions 1.X.X

What is the difference between Maximum1X2 and the professional version?

The PRO version allows access to all the conditions of the standard version and also adds advanced conditions through a monthly or annual subscription system.

Where can I learn to use Maximum1X2?

Before starting to use Maximum1X2 we recommend that you read the USER GUIDE carefully. The manual guides you chapter by chapter through all the possibilities of our application. You can also check any questions in our forum.

Where can I buy Maximum1X2?

Maximum1X2 is still in BETA phase. When you are ready you can buy our software in the Apple Store.

Digital User Guide PDF

If you need help using Maximum1X2 you can download our digital manual. This way you can find out how our impressive software works. If you still have any doubts we recommend you to consult our forum or send us an email to technical support. We hope you like it.

Maximum1X2 is available in English, Spanish and French. However the manual is only available in English and Spanish. We hope to introduce new languages soon.

If you need to check the change history of each version of Maximum1X2 you can see it on our (Release Notes) page

New User Help

Can I work with any type of 1X2 system?

Maximum1X2 allows a maximum of 15 matches. This number allows to operate with almost 100% of sports systems from anywhere in the world. You can choose any of the predefined systems that contain Maximum1X2 or if you prefer you can create a custom system to your liking.

Can I interrupt the calculation or study of my 1X2 system?

You can interrupt your study of the 1X2 system at any time. Maximum1X2 saves the already processed combinations so that you do not have to reprocess your system again.

How do I report a bug or technical problem?

Maximum1X2 is a complex software and has been tested for a long time but if you encounter any problems despite it we recommend that you notify us by a message in the forum within the category of technical problems. Although you can always send us an email to technical support if you prefer. We will be happy to solve your problem.

Maximum1X2 was accidentally deleted?

Download and reinstall our software. You will not lose any settings you made with Maximum1X2.

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